Wm. Lee Merritt, Bridgepoint Investment Banking, Managing Director

What are some of your duties?  I work with trucking and logistics companies relating to capital raising (both debt and equity), buy-side M&A services (for expansion or diversification), and sell-side M&A services  (for company sales or divestitures of a division).

What do you enjoy the most about your job or working in this industry? I enjoy helping people develop their financing and acquisitions goals and objectives and then helping them achieve their goals.

What led you to choose the trucking industry as a career? Pretty clearly the PEOPLE led me to trucking. I completely enjoy working with trucking people!

Wisdom you would like to pass on to other women in the trucking industry. OK, first I will take out the “other women” and respond that trucking provides really unlimited opportunities for women, as drivers, dispatchers, administration, and executive positions. Nothing should be viewed as “out of reach”. In trucking, the key is “getting the job done”. If you can get the job done, the sky is the limit. Remember, Derek started as a dispatcher!