Tammie Dimmitt, Grand Island Express, H/R Benefit Administrator & Driver Retention

What are some of your duties? I meet with New Hires to help with their I’9, W-4 and unboarding to the company. I also explain benefits and assist them with signing up. I order supplies and clothing for the office. Send messages to our drivers to communicate with them. Help with the newsletter biweekly. Set up Safety Meeting lunches.

What do you enjoy the most about your job or working in this industry? I absolutely love the company I work for. The owners are the most caring people and feel that we truly have a family environment. I enjoy bringing my energy and positivity to trucking! Our drivers are out there working hard and are isolated. I try to create a good relationship with them and make them feel Welcome here always!!

What led you to choose the trucking industry as a career? A friend that I attended church with was the CFO here and asked me to come on board. I had worked in the medical/dental field. I did have experience in billing, so when I first started here 3 years ago, I stared in Accounts Payable. I love People more than numbers, so after a year or so I was moved to the position I have now. I hope to retire in 10 plus years from Grand Island Express. I enjoy coming in every day and have great work friends.

Wisdom you would like to pass on to other women in the trucking industry. Go for It- do not let fear of the unknown stop you! If you want to work in the office or as a female driver, just jump in. The trucking industry is busy and “solid” I like that! Communicate and be open to new experiences!