Truck safety facts

In Nebraska…

As reported by the Highway Safety Division of the Nebraska Department of Roads

  • 96% of all crashes do not involve heavy trucks.
  • 84% of all fatality crashes do not involve heavy trucks. Trucks are over-represented in fatal crashes due to their large size.


As reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

  • Over the past decade, the number of truck-involved fatalities has fallen by 28%.
  • Over the past decade, the number of truck-involved injuries has fallen by 39%.
  • Even with a 39% increase in the number of registered large trucks, truck-involved fatalities have dropped by 27% and injuries by 34% since the rules on driver work hours were changed in 2003.
  • Trucks have overall crash rates less than half that of other vehicles.
  • In 76% of fatal crashes involving a rear-end collision between a large truck and a passenger vehicle, the passenger vehicle rear-ended the truck.
  • In 87% of fatal head-on collisions, the passenger vehicle encroaches into the truck’s lane of travel.
  • The trucking industry has a zero tolerance standard for drug and alcohol use. The latest violation rate for alcohol use on the job based on random testing is just two-tenths of one percent (0.2%).

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