Environmental Impact

Delivering a cleaner tomorrow

Fuel consumption

  • Tractor-trailers used over 95.7 billion fewer gallons of fuel than passenger vehicles in the U.S.
  • Trucks used just 17% of the total transportation fuel consumed.
  • Fleets are choosing aerodynamic tractors, fuel efficient tires, idle reduction equipment, trailer skirts and tails, and some are switching to natural gas vehicles when practical.


  • Through advanced engine technology and fuel refinements, new diesel truck engines produce 98% fewer particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions than a similar engine manufactured prior to 1990.
  • Sulfur emissions from diesel engines have been reduced by 97% since 1999.
  • Modern technologies such as diesel particulate filters are reducing emissions to negligible levels.


The trucking industry is significantly reducing its carbon footprint through participation in the Environmental Protecion Agency’s SmartWay Transportation Partnership. Fleets participate to quantify and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since the program’s launch,

  • 65 million barrels of fuel have been saved ($8.1 billion in fuel costs saved)
  • 28 million metric tons of carbon dioxide have been eliminated from the air
  • 478,000 tons of nitrogen oxide has been eliminated from the air
  • 22,000 tons of particulate matter have been eliminated from the air