Nebraska Truck Driving Championships

Thank You to All Who Made the 2017 Event a Success!

Congrats to all our winners!

Another Nebraska Truck Driving Championships is in the record books! Our thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered, sponsored, provided vehicles, goods or services and attended - it was a great event! Your committee, under the leadership of chairman, Dave Dailey with Lyman-Richey, outdid themselves this year! More than 100 drivers entered for the competition and over 350 enjoyed the Satruday evening banquet at Fonner Park. New events included attendance by American's Road Team, a 'truck and pups,' division and a dance following the banquet.

Our thanks to the Nebraska Concrete and Aggregates Association for providing lunch on Saturday and Lyman-Richey for providing the meat for the brats - a total of 600 hand made by their team! Our charity was Make-A-Wish Nebraska; due to the overwhelming generosity of our members and attendees, we are still tallying the amount raised. Be sure to check out the gallery below!


 What is the Nebraska Truck Driving Championships??

A statewide competition for professional heavy truck drivers who maintain accident-free driving records

The championships have four phases:

  1. A written test covering safety regulations and trucking industry facts
  2. A vehicle inspection in which drivers must identify defects
  3. An interview with a law enforcement officer
  4. A driving skills test in one of nine classes: step van, straight truck, three-axle truck, four-axle truck, five-axle truck, five-axle sleeper truck, tanker, flatbed or twin-trailer.

Winners in each class advance to the National Truck Driving Championships.

Nebraska Trucking member trucking companies sponsor their drivers and owner/operators to attend the two-day contest. Staff from member companies serve as volunteer officials for the competition.


NTDC June 6, 2017 Press Release - Nebraska Truck Driving Champions Announced

This annual event offers Nebraska’s best professional truck drivers a chance to demonstrate knowledge, talent and skills in a competition highlighting what it takes to be a safe driver on today’s streets and highways. 102 drivers participated in this year’s championships in eleven classes. Additional awards were presented based upon scores in the four separate test areas: written examination, personal interview, pre-trip inspection and driving test. Team awards are also given to the company with three or more drivers competing with the highest overall score.

The 2017 overall grand champion is Ed Beins, ABF Freight System, Inc., Lincoln

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 2017 NTDC Winners - Congratulations!

Straight Class:

Ed Beins - ABF Freight System Inc. - Lincoln

Shawn Harms - FedEx Freight, Inc. - Lincoln

Christina Gaines - FedEx Express-Lincoln - Lincoln


Three-axle class:

Sam Wilson - XPO Logistics - Aurora

Larry Derr - Werner Enterprises - Omaha

Joe Busch - ABF Freight System Inc. - Omaha


Four-axle class:

Terry Durham - Werner Enterprises - Omaha

John Poppen - FedEx Freight, Inc. - Grand Island

Jeff Tomlinson - Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc. - Fremont


Five-axle class:

Tom Hopkins - Walmart Transportation, LLC - North Platte

Toby Kort - FedEx Freight, Inc. - Aurora

Kent Wood - Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc. - Fremont


Five-axle sleeper class:

Darin Hardwick - Crete Carrier Corporation - Kansas City, MO

Eric Bauman - Grand Island Express, Inc. - Grand Island

Paul Smith - ABF Freight System Inc. - Omaha


Tank truck class:

Ian Franck - Hunt Transportation, Inc. - Omaha

Jay Burmeister - FedEx Freight, Inc. - Grand Island

Phillip DeLauder - Werner Enterprises - Omaha


Flatbed class:

John Fogo - Red & White Market & Transfer, Inc. - Hastings

Joey Martel - ABF Freight System Inc. - Omaha

Daryl Johnson - YRC Freight  - Omaha


Twin-trailer class:

Brent Turek - FedEx Freight, Inc. - Aurora

Rick Larch - Grand Island Express, Inc. - Grand Island

Lonnie Starke - XPO logistics - Aurora


Step van class:

Adam Stroup - FedEx Express-Omaha - Omaha

Travis Minnick - FedEx Express-Lincoln - Lincoln

Chris Cherry - FedEx Express-Lincoln - Lincoln


Mixer truck class:

Kenny Dillon - Lyman-Richey Corporation - Omaha

Dan Zeibig - Beatrice Concrete Company, Inc. - Crete

Tom Inzuaro - Lyman-Richey Corporation - Omaha


Truck and Pup:

Bob Duff - Lyman-Richey Corporation - Omaha

Jennifer Kastens - Lyman-Richey Corporation - Omaha

Mitchell Helmuth - Paulsen Inc. - Lexington


Team winners:

XPO Logistics - Aurora

Walmart Transportation, LLC - North Platte 

Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc. - Fremont 

2017 Nebraska Truck Driving Championships

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