Nebraska Trucking Driver of the Month

This honor is awarded to professional drivers displaying a high degree of professionalism, safety and courtesy while performing their jobs. A panel of independent safety professionals selects the Driver of the Month. Winners are invited to the monthly Safety Management Council meeting to receive their award and recognition items. The driver is featured in our magazine, Nebraska Trucker. The Driver of the Year is selected from among the 12 Drivers of the Month annually. Please complete the form and submit to soconnor@nebtruckingcom.

Below are our recent award winners. Find out more about the very best in our industry!

Driver of the Month

2018 February Driver of the Month
Larry Sorenson, Orthman Logistics

Larry has more than 26 years commercial driving and nearly three years with Orthman Logistics. He has more than 312,000 total career miles, as an over the road driver with no accidents or traffic violations. Nominated by Angela Werner, ‘Larry has been on the road for many years and knows his way around. He is always safe and is always willing to help anyone out who needs a hand.’ Larry is very devoted to his family and his hobbies include restoring old cars and tractors and woodworking.

Congratulations, Larry!

2018 January Driver of the Month
Greg McLain, Orthman Logistics

Greg has 22 years of commercial driving with more than 2.6 million career miles. He’s been with Orthman Logistics for over four years and has logged over 480,000 miles. ‘Greg is always willing to do what is needed to help the company or other drivers, said his nominator, Angela Werner. ‘He is a very giving and hard-working person. He has driven for many years and is always very willing to help out new drivers.’ Greg’s hobbies include Nebraska football, fishing and woodworking.

Congratulations, Greg!


2017 Driver of the Year
Richard Boyd, Crete Carrier Corporation

Rich has 32 years with Crete Carrier Corporation and 41 years commercial driving. He has nearly four million career miles. Natalie Cole nominated Rich and said, “Rich goes above and beyond his duties as a driver. He spends a lot of his own time mentoring and coaching our new and current truck driving championship teams. He also takes great pride in helping the newer drivers understand the day to day functions as an Over the Road driver, all while preaching safety. He is a member of the Accident Review Board and has participated in the Ride Along Program. Rich has also competed in the Nebraska Truck Driving Championships – first place in doubles in 2016 – and is captain of the Crete/Shaffer Team. He has also received the 15-year President’s Safe Driving Club Award and received a 32-year Driving Award.” Rich enjoys Husker football, target shooting, golf and remodeling projects!

Congratulations, Rich!

2017 December Driver of the Month
Juan Rodriguez-Severin, Grand Island Express

Juan has 15 years of Commercial driving and three years with Grand Island Express. He has a total of 1.75 million accident free miles and more than one million with Grand Island Express. Juan is always willing to help in all areas of the company – dispatch, coworkers and other drivers. He runs great miles and does it all with a safe and courteous attitude and a lot of passion for the job.

Tim Wilson with Grand Island Express said, ‘Juan is a true professional. He places safety first and is always encouraging to other drivers.’  Juan enjoys spending time with his family, loves to BBQ and going to the zoo with his children and grandchildren.

Congratulations, Juan!

2017 November Driver of the Month
John Putney, Greater Omaha Express

John joined Greater Omaha Express in 2015; he is an over the road driver, but first and foremost John is a team member. John started his driving career in 2011 and have more than one million accident free miles and John makes it a priority to maintain and display a positive image of the professional truck driver to his employer, the customers he services and the public with whom he shares the roadway each day. John is an annual recipient of Safe Driving Awards from Greater Omaha Express.

Pam Hook, Safety Director at Greater Omaha Express said, ‘John is always willing to help with any project we are working on where a driver’s opinion and or expertise would be beneficial.’ In October, John and his finance’ Heather made a special stop in Las Vegas where they were married, the next day found them back in the truck and heading to California!

Congratulations, John!

2017 October Driver of the Month
Steven McCreary, Willliams Transportation, Inc.

Steven has 18 years commercial driving and one year with Williams Transportation. He has more than 2 1/2 millions careers miles. In his nomination, Michelle Leist shared an article from their company newsletter, ‘Steve really stepped up and helped Williams get started. He picked up the first 7 tractors, brought them to the yard and installed the Omnitracs boxes. Once he learned how to use the devices, he helped train the other drivers.’ Steve is what Williams considers a great representative of their Road Team and all new drivers that have questions are sent to Steve for mentoring.  He is the proud father of two sons and a daughter. When he was a regional driver, and not with his family, he spent weekends driving in a local racing series in Texas.

2017 September Driver of the Month
Chris Paulson, Grand Island Express, Inc.

Chris has 24 years of commercial driving and 7 1/2 years have been with Grand Island Express. He has more than 3 million career miles. In his nomination, Lucas Mowery said, ‘Chris has a very positive attitude and can always be counted on to do the job at a high standard. He has always been safe on the job and maintains above average miles and miles per gallons. He fosters positive relationships and reaches out to others in the industry to help them have a positive experience.’ He has competed in the 2016 and 2017 Nebraska Truck Driving Championships and in his spare time, Chris likes to work on old muscle cars, work around the house, ride motorcycles and go fishing.

2017 August Driver of the Month
Brian Allen, Grand Island Express, Inc.

Brian has 16 years of commercial driving with nearly two million miles. Brian drives for Grand Island Express and is considered a true ambassador of the industry. His professional attitude and willingness to help other drivers is outstanding. Brian started as a company driver and became an owner/operator. He mentors new company drivers and has a strong work and safety mentality. Congratulations, Brian!

2017 July Driver of the Month
Aaron Schreckengost, Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc.

Aaron drives for Fremont Contract Carriers. He has 26 years of commercial driving and more than three million miles. Five of those years have been with Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc. Aaron is an owner-operator and his attitude is the key to his success in life and on the road. He has received a six-year safe driving award with FCC and has participated in the Wreaths Across America and The Wall that Heals programs. Congratulations, Aaron!

2017 June Driver of the Month
Tom Galvin, American Ag Transport, LLC.

Tom has 42 years of commercial driving and two of those years are with American Ag Transport and include 90,000 miles. In his nominations, Marcus Dennis said, ‘Tom is a driver’s driver. His professionalism in driving and customer service is unparalleled. He has an exceptional safety record and has driven all types of commercial vehicles nationwide.”  One of Tom’s points of pride on the job is his interaction with fellow drivers and clients.  Tom and his wife are active in their church and in his spare time he enjoys restoring an old pickup.

2017 May Driver of the Month
Tim Anderson, ABF Freight

Tim has been a driver for ABF for almost 23 years and has accumulated three million miles in that time – all of which are accident free. Tim is a former NTDC champion in the Tanker Class. In his nomination, Trevor Wilson, said, “Tim is passionate about our industry and is always willing to do his best for the organization and his fellow drivers.” Tim is passionate about things that drive – outside of work he enjoys, dirt bikes, jet skiing and snowmobiling.

2017 April Driver of the Month
Kenneth White, Transportation Specialists, Limited

Ken started driving professionally in 1975 at the age of 21. He drove over-the-road with straight truck and tractor-trailer reefers.  He started at TSL in 1990 with almost 500,000 miles under his belt and in driving locally has reached almost 1.8 million career miles in 2016!  Ken is extremely safety conscious and has a 13-year membership in the President’s Safe Driver Club! This year he will receive his 24th annual safe driving award from TSL.

In his nomination, Lindsey Boe, Director of Driver Recruitment said, “Not only is he extremely reliable, Ken also has great relationships with allof the customers he services and many of them request him to take care of their loads, including a major account in Omaha. That’s music to the ears of Ken’s dispatcher!

2017 March Driver of the Month
Paul Hanson, Alpha Mail Carrier

Paul has more than 30 years of safe driving with Alpha Mail Carrier and over 36 years of employment with the Romans’ family. He has accumulated more than four million miles in his career. Nominated by Scott Roman who wrote, ‘Paul is friendly, safe, courteous and very conscientious about his and others’ safety while on the road.’ Outside of work, he is very devoted to his family.


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