Driver of the Month - Nebraska Trucking

February 2016 Driver of the Month: Steve Hays, Grand Island Express 

Steve has been with Grand Island Express for over six years and has driven professionally for 28 years. He has 3.5 million career miles.  Nominated by Lucas Mowrey, he stated that Steve is a very thoughtful and cautious driver that is always willing to help out a fellow driver. Overall Steve is very safe and is a great trainer. Steve has participated in the Nebraska Truck Driving Championships for five years. His hobbies include golfing, hunting and fishing. If he wasn’t a truck driver, Steve said he would be a woodworker.

March 2016 Driver of the Month: Buddy Moore, Orthmam Logistics.

Buddy has more than 40 years commercial driving experience and seven years with Orthman. He has logged over 4.2 million miles. Nominated by Marge Reeser, she stated that Buddy helps others whenever needed. He is a safe driver, watches for other drivers and is a recipient of the President’s Safe Drivers Award.  Buddy enjoys reading history and a hidden talent not many know about is that he enjoys baking.

April 2016 Driver of the Month: Jeff Keifer, Grand Island Express.

Jeff has over two million career miles and six years of service with Grand Island Express. Nominated by Lucas Mowry, he stated that Jeff is always willing to help and has had no late deliveries. He has been a trainer and mentor for students and new drivers.  Jeff has won a President’s Safe Driving Award and was part of the Special Olympics Convoy in 2007 and 2008. He enjoys camping, fishing and spending time with family.

May 2016 Driver of the Month: Bradley Leibhart, Orthman Logistics.

Brad has 38 years commercial driving including 4 ½ years at Orthman. He’s logged nearly three million commercial driving miles. Nominated by Marge Reeser, she stated the Brad is cautious on the road, tries to stay out of peoples’ way and watches out for other drivers to keep everyone safe.  Brad is a third part CDL tester for the state of Nebraska and loves to fish when he has time, builds bird houses and volunteer at the community center. 

June 2016 Driver of the Month: George Easton, Orthman Logistics.

George has over two million career miles in 34 years on commercial driving; 13 and ½ years with Orthman. Nominated by Marge Reeser, she stated that George is a very hard worker, anything that needs to be done – he’ll do it! He gives more than 100% to his job. George is a very cautious and caring person – will help when needed to all. George has received the President’s Safe Drivers Award. He loves to attend tractor pulls and restoring antique tractors – especially his grandfather’s John Deere. He also enjoys his family – especially grandchildren and dog, Jazz. 

July 2016 Neal Swisher, WalMart Transportation
NealSwisher2016Neal just earned his 2.5 million safe miles with WalMart.  He is the driver that other drivers go to for ‘anything.’ He uses common sense and courtesy when driving and is a driver that anyone can depend on to help others. Neal’s not concerned with the time involved to get to the destination – his focus is to arrive safely. He has served on the Accident Review and Store Ambassadors Committees for WalMart. Neal has 18 years with WalMart and a total of 37 years in commercial driving. He was recognized by the TCA in 1999 with the Highway Angel award for his response during a 63-car pileup in that winter.
August 2016 Keith Carter, Jr., Crete Carrier Corporation
KeithCarter2016Keith have over three million miles with Crete Carrier and a career with more than 4.5 million miles. Nominator Natalie Cole stated that Keith’s driving record speaks for itself – only two preventable accidents in 35 years of driving; both minor accidents. In addition to setting the example through his actions, he also encourages others to be their best, and to enjoy life to the fullest. He goes out of his was to make the workplace better for all – drivers, office and shop employees. He helps by mentoring newer drivers and always maintaining a great personality and contagious smile!  He enjoys flying and car restoration and has a 1963 Impala. He has also travelled, (by hauling their equipment,) with the UNL Marching Band to away football games.
September 2016 John Wendelin, Sadoff and Rudoy Transport, LLC
John Wendelin 2016John is an outstanding driver who is safe, professional and represents Sadoff Iron and Metal to the highest degree, his customer service is second to none and his safety performance is impeccable. Nominated by Markay Cunningham, John has been driving for 25 years, most recently with Sadoff Iron and Metal. He has over 700,000 career miles with no accidents and no traffic violations or citations. He has received numerous ‘atta boy’ awards for his safety efforts and customer service and assists area neighborhood cleanups by trucking items as needed. He enjoys working on his 1970 Dodge Charger and cruising the local wineries on the weekends.
2016 Driver of the Year – Doug Ayers, Crete Carrier Corporation
Doug has 31 years of service with Crete Carrier Corporation encompassing more than 4.1 million miles and a total career of more than five million miles. Nominated by Natlaie Cole, she stated that Doug is a hard working family man. He has dedicated his life to trucking and over 46 years of driving has had only three preventable accidents.  He has served on the Crete Carrier Accident Review Board and sets a positive example for new and experienced drivers. He is very pleasant to be around and inspires others to say safe while driving. Doug has been married to his wife Dixie for 41 years, is a US Air Force veteran and enjoys camping, fishing, NASCAR and the Huskers.

2016 October Driver of the Month - Richard Boyd, Crete Carrier Corporation

Our October Driver of the Month is Richard Boyd. Rich has 32 years with Crete Carrier Corporation and 41 years of commercial driving. He has more than three and one-half million total career miles. Natalie Cole, nominated Rich and said, “Rich goes above and beyond his duties as a driver. He spends a lot of his own time mentoring and coaching our new and current truck driving championship teams. He also takes great pride in helping the newer drivers understand the day to day functions as an Over the Road driver, all while preaching safety. He is a member of the Accident Review Board and has participated in the Ride Along Program. Rich has also competed in the Nebraska Truck Driving Championships – first place in doubles in 2016 – and is captain of the Crete/Shaffer team. He has also received the 15-year President’s Safe Driving Club Award and received a 32-year Driving Award.” Rich enjoys Husker football, target shooting, golf and remodeling projects.

2016 November Driver of the Month – Grover 'JR' Camp, Grand Island Express

Our November Driver of the Month is Grover ‘JR’ Camp. JR has eight years with Grand Island Express and over 3.5 million total career miles. JR is the type of driver that is always willing to help – it doesn’t matter if it is with dispatch, a fellow driver or safety training – he is always the first to volunteer with a smile and friendly attitude. He is a very safety conscious driver that is very patient with new drivers; especially when he is working with them to improve their driving skills. He is constantly learning himself how to improve as a professional driver. He has 100 percent on-time delivery schedule with Grand Island Express. He is a recipient of the President’s Safe Driving Award and is a three-time competitor in the Nebraska Truck Driving Championships.  JR enjoys spending time with his family, singing Karaoke and DJ-ing Karaoke parties.

2016 December Driver of the Month - Jeremy Mentzer, Crete Carrier Corporation

Jeremy has been with Crete for 11 ½ years; a lifetime career of 15 years and more than two million miles. Natalie Cole, nominator, said, “Jeremy has been a great asset on our Walmart Division. He can be counted on to get the job done safely, has an impeccable safety record and is always professional. Jeremy was a trainer for nine years and gladly shares his knowledge with other drivers. He is a past recipient of the million-mile award, Presidents Safe Driving Club and most recently, a safe driving award in May of this year. Jeremy’s hobbies include hunting, woodworking, travelling and his most favorite of all – spending time with his family.

2017 January Driver of the Month - Butch Henderson, Crete Carrier Corporation

Butch Henderson with Crete Carrier Corporation is our January Driver of the month. Butch has 44 years and more than five million miles of commercial driving; 15 years and more than two million miles with his current employer, Crete Carrier Corporation. Butch is a great asset to Crete’s Walmart division and is well respected by everyone he interacts with. Nominated by Natalie Cole, she also stated, ‘Butch is a professional with an amazing safety record. He understands the true meaning of sharing the road with others. He has also been known to stop and help stranded motorists change tires.’ Butch and his son enjoy stock car racing and he also enjoys traveling and spending time with his children and grandchildren. Butch is pictured with his son and family, who traveled to share in this presentation. Congratulations Butch!

2017 February Driver of the Month - Eric Bauman, Grand Island Express

Eric has been with Grand Island Express for 27 years, accumulating nearly four million miles. He started as a student with Grand Island Express and has been here since. His nominator commented that, ‘He is a driver that, even with his seniority, is willing to help whenever the company needs him to. Over the years, he has been a trainer and is still an active mentor to new drivers. Eric represents one of the best drivers on the road by always driving defensively and is not satisfied if he is not improving.’

Eric has more than 3.8 million accident free miles, a 23-year member of the President’s Safe Driving Club and was the first place winner in the five axle sleeper division of the 2015 Nebraska Truck Driving Championships.  Eric enjoys spending time with his family and is an active member of his church.

With Eric today is his wife Tonya, MaKayla and Christie.

2017 March Driver of the Month - Paul Hanson, Alpha Mail Carrier

Paul has more than 30 years of safe driving with Alpha Mail Carrier and over 36 years of employment with the Romans' family. He has accumulated more than four million miles in his career. Nominated by Scott Roman who wrote, 'Paul is friendly, safe, courteous and very conscientious about his and others' safety while on the road.' Outside of work, he is very devoted to his family.

2017 June Driver of the Month - Tom Galvin, American Ag Transport, LLC

Tom has 42 years of commercial driving and two of those years are with American Ag Transport and include 90,000 miles. In his nominations, Marcus Dennis said, ‘Tom is a driver’s driver. His professionalism in driving and customer service is unparalleled. He has an exceptional safety record and has driven all types of commercial vehicles nationwide.”  One of Tom’s points of pride on the job is his interaction with fellow drivers and clients.  Tom and his wife are active in their church and in his spare time he enjoys restoring an old pickup.

2017 May Driver of the Month - Tim Anderson, ABF Freight

Tim has been a driver for ABF for almost 23 years and has accumulated three million miles in that time – all of which are accident free. Tim is a former NTDC champion in the Tanker Class. In his nomination, Trevor Wilson, said, “Tim is passionate about our industry and is always willing to do his best for the organization and his fellow drivers.” Tim is passionate about things that drive – outside of work he enjoys, dirt bikes, jet skiing and snowmobiling.

2017 April Driver of the Month - Kenneth White, Transportation Specialists, Limited

Ken started driving professionally in 1975 at the age of 21. He drove over-the-road with straight truck and tractor-trailer reefers.  He started at TSL in 1990 with almost 500,000 miles under his belt and in driving locally has reached almost 1.8 million career miles in 2016!  Ken is extremely safety conscious and has a 13-year membership in the President’s Safe Driver Club! This year he will receive his 24th annual safe driving award from TSL.

In his nomination, Lindsey Boe, Director of Driver Recruitment said, “Not only is he extremely reliable, Ken also has great relationships with allof the customers he services and many of them request him to take care of their loads, including a major account in Omaha. That’s music to the ears of Ken’s dispatcher!